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Share and display writing samples with our third grade writing buddies 39.Share our progress daily with our very busy principal 40.For a Flat Stanley project each year and we exchange letters with friends and relatives so the kids would get to “meet” Flat Stanley’s host. Experience multicultural art in a fresh, interactive way 48.Present projects and demonstrations to other students and the culmination of the lessons would be a world culture art show.Make the (night-time) hatching butterflies & chicks a virtual activity so the students would be able to watch it at home and not miss anything 43. Meet experts such as historical characters, authors, scientists, etc 45.Communicate with people we have communicated with all over the world 46.Connect with anyone, anywhere in the world that had Skype 13.

Buddy-up with a coastal class since we’re in the mountains and allow the children to talk back and forth with children from a different area 4. Connect us digitally with classrooms across cultures 8.Assist students in researching various topics by having them have face to face conversations with experts in those fields 17.Connect with other students in various classrooms around the country 18.Students who are ill at home can still participate in the class and not miss out on any instruction.