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11-Nov-2018 09:51

arm9 fota updating samsung moment-82

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6 magic are many if you have one with an irreparable damage (like fried in water) you could consider to use it to find jtag pinout.

@ezterry i've tried the rpass command, qmat can calculate correct value, but the blacklisted commands didn't been usable the same...

The E55 has a special 'compact' QWERTY keyboard featuring two letters in the QWERTY order on a single key. It has been observed that the 5.5 Watt-Hour, 1500 m Ah, 3.7 V battery can easily last 27 days of practical use.

This is considerably higher than other phones in its class made by Nokia and other manufacturers.

Originally Posted by allanwinckler Hi Bart, I have a Brazilian edition of the Magic, is: 32B ENG SEC-OFF H (i think this is the problem when I updated SPL, this is the first device i see with 32B H) sorry, but i'm so stupid with codes, can you explain me what application I need to use to rewrite SPL from Serial, and How to? I understand you are working to find the solution for this problem. Let us know if you succeed; including how you calculated said magic value..

The camera is much improved from earlier firmware; in this update, the phone takes 27 seconds to boot, compared to 42 or more in previous versions.

The Music Player application stays in the background at all time (even when music is not being played); in the later firmware versions this application can be terminated, but doing so prevents the Music Edition remote control from working, until the application is started again by using the phone's keypad.

The 'N73 Internet Edition' was essentially the Music Edition, but retaining the 'multimedia button' function, rather than a dedicated 'music button', the 'N73 Internet Edition' is not available in the Middle East and North Africa.

I think you, or someone for you should write a specific application towrite a new spl. As we are looking for a solution to de-brick magic/g1 devices you should consider to wait untill someone finds the way to do it and write a detailed tutorial Cheers, bart99 is there any way to turn security off on a magic if you have a bricked phone ? Iave made up serial ttl device and it all works very well, now to do some real damage A. You can let people know (maybe in a here as well as create a thread in the magic section) if you find out what the jtag points are on the Magic.

I don't know how data is encapsulated, maybe viperbjk knows. (Dream uses see first post of this thread) (now if you where just trying to sim unlock the device..

In addition to the basic N73, Nokia subsequently released the N73 'Music Edition', the 'multimedia button' on the keypad has been replaced with a button that starts the music player on the phone.

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