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22-Oct-2018 22:42

No sooner has Chris Isaak enveloped my hand in a bear-like shake than he’s grabbed his guitar and launched into a rendition of Willie Nelson’s Undo The Right (“If you don’t love me, darlin’, just leave me…”), his crooning baritone as muscular as ever.Though I’ve been allocated only a brief interview slot with Chris it’s still a delight when the man behind the million-selling 1989 single Wicked Game then launches into Mr Lonely Man, a track from his haunting, country-influenced new album Mr Lucky.Margaret countered that he should have been flattered, adding that Isaak has too many hang-ups.According to a spokesman at Isaak's record label, "Chris insists he was never her boyfriend. He certainly never thought they dated so she could make him a part of her act.“My dad wasn’t too mean but he was a heavy drinker,” he says.“Also I really wanted to be a musician and I didn’t have any connections.

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/ Since the girl left it’s all gone bad,” he sings and, later, he explains that all his songs are written from personal experience. “She was a damn good woman,” he says sadly, “but I was broke and she said: ‘What would we live on? She got cancer way too young but I got to see her and be in her life.” None of his subsequent relationships quite measured up though he says he’s still close to his former girlfriends.It wasn’t until he left college that he formed a three-piece band that played bars and clubs and “the opening of fairs and parking lots and shoe stores”.So he worked his way up the hard way, as his small, sporadic gigs slowly grew into bigger, regular ones.Isaak, resplendent in his striped jams, ever the rebel, defied the rules, and refused to "keep his hands by his sides at all times " as hotel proprietor, Peter Morton stood scowling nearby.

Recently, the affable Isaak has been skewered in the tabloid press by Margaret Cho, the comedian and star of "All American Girl," whom he dated last year.If I’d been drunk and screwed up I wouldn’t have anybody to cover my ass, to bail me out!” Chris, 53, was just 12 and growing up in California when he started writing songs, saving up to buy a tape recorder that sat on his bedside table.“I still play on the street,” he says in a why-wouldn’t-I? ’ And he says (and here Chris pauses for comic effect): ‘he used to be big.’ ” He erupts with laughter. I used to be big and now I’m reduced to playing on the street.” Chris Isaak may, technically, be a busker but that’s unlikely to put off those prospective wives.