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It is illegal for individuals to use another person's license (42-2-136), to alter a license (42-4-136(1)), or to reproduce a license (42-4-136(6a-b)).

These are just a few of the more often seen cases in court.

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Some acts young people who have reached the age of majority may be involved in are: Even though the age of majority allows young people greater rights, many young people at age 18 still live at home and are thus subject to parents rules while at home.

Exceptions to this law are instances where minors are returning home from employment (they need to obtain a note from their employer), and youth returning home from an event such as a concert, organized meeting, or any other appropriate activity that has continued past the curfew.

To see if there is a curfew set in your area, contact your local sheriff's office.

Ultimately, young people should practice safety when involved in a recreational activity and respect those around them.

back to top Cars, Youth, and Traffic Laws One of the biggest concerns for young people are issues regarding traffic laws.

At age 16 kids can apply for a minor's driver license (42-2-108), allowing them, with a signed affidavit of liability and passing score in a driving examination, to drive without a guardian.