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22-May-2019 22:18

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This is an excellent time to point out how constantly impressed I've been with Fluenz's customer support and interaction with their customers.

Fluenz employees are great about responding to questions, whether about the software or the languages they offer, through email, their Facebook page, or their message board.

Linguists have charted the rise of words like 'ginger' for red hair and 'sell-by date' for expiration date, revealing the use of British has exponentially increased since the 1990s, in some cases more than 1,000 per cent for certain idioms.

The tool allows users to measure the frequency a word appears in various books, periodicals, and other data culled by Google.

Fluenz really went above and beyond to help me out Fast-forward to this past Saturday - I proposed, and she said "oui!

" She was also quite touched and very impressed that I had learned so much French.

The next section involves being given a word or short phrase in French and having to type its meaning in English.

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I find myself often pausing the explanation to write down notes on all that I'm learning.

We want to go to Paris for our honeymoon, and I think through a combination of finishing levels 3-5 and practicing with my now fiancée, I'll be more than comfortable communicating in French.

Jul 18, 2012. Woo your lover with these romantic refrains! Spanish is, after all, a Romance language, so spice up your Spanish with these romance phrases – I'm fairly sure your partner will be left quivering at the knees after you tell them that “el amor entra por los ojos”, or that “te encanta”. So, release Cupid's arrow!… continue reading »

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From giving a milk to having bad milk to going at full milk, leche has produced some one of the most useful Spanish phrases. The Spanish Royal Academy, the organisation charged with safeguarding the Spanish language, lists more than 40 Spanish phrases or idioms using it – none of which have anything to do with the.… continue reading »

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Without throwing too much research and date at you, these findings brings us to a simple conclusion that can save you a lot of time. Learning and mastering the first 1,000 most common Spanish words will be an essential milestone we should achieve in any language, as this will allow us to -“grasp 88% of vocabulary in oral.… continue reading »

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