Dating a former pimp

22-Oct-2018 21:14

Key to the prosecution's case was the testimony of one 19-year-old, who told investigators she'd met Clark while both were attending a West Seattle middle school.

Having fallen out of touch, Clark and the teen began dating during the summer of 2007.

The two had been dating for several months when Clark propositioned her, demanding that she "walk the track" on Pacific Highway South and solicit payment for sex."'Cash' showed me how to be a pimp," Johnson wrote the court."He would tell me where I should have (her) work and would explain how to use Craigslist to post her ads.The girl was shot with a pellet gun, greeted by two of Clark's associates at a confidential shelter, and chased into the truck of a Seattle police detective, who proceeded to arrest one of her pursuers.

Speaking with police, the young woman described why she was willing to continue.O'Donnell also argued that the damage done by Clark and his associates -- harm delivered for simple profit -- will stay with their victims throughout their lives."This is not one of those instances where you cut yourself and you heal, and you forget about the cut," O'Donnell said.The case against Clark centered on three teen prostitutes, including two children.