Dating a remington 700 by serial number

17-Nov-2018 16:15

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REMINGTON MANUFACTURING DATE CODE stamped on LH top rear of barrel, 2 or 3 digit, (month first, year after) these will normally only be the last letters as seen below, The factory says all barrels are date code stamped, well I have found some that are not, or if they are, are so erratic stamping that trying to decipher them is impossible. Both were taken off Remington 760s, with the one on the left, a 30-06 that I bought new October 10, 1954. The one on the right again a 30-06, but with a shorter barrel that I made into a knock around quad rifle with pivot mounts.(*) On 8/9/99, they stopped stamping the barrels with the date code.While examining them I noticed the Serial Numbers are at least twice as big as the older serial numbers and started with RR. every rifle I've ever bought has a larger serial number than those prior.....every time. Does anyone know if this is the way Remington is putting serial numbers on, or is it a special serial number for sales to Walmart? Remington never (*) used serial numbers to identify the date of manufacture of it's firearms, they however stamped a date code (spelled out below) by the first letter meaning the month and the last letter the year of manufacture. On the RH side of the barrel will be a Magnaflux, Remington proof & a test mark If a gun is returned to the factory as a fire damaged, or blown up firearm, the factory will stamp it as a prefix to their date code with a #4 on the barrel and return it un-repaired.BARREL DATE CODE - stamped exposed on LH top rear of barrel after 1920 the following will only be stamped where applicable #2 Part order barrel (not originally assembled to firearm) #3 Service section received #4 Return as received #5 Employee sale R. Then if the gun is ever subsequently returned to a warranty center or the factory by ANYONE, they will refuse to work on it as an unsafe firearm.For shotguns with removeable barrels, the code will be valid for the manufacture of the barrel; maybe for the receiver, as barrels do get switched around. I have an Remington 700 ADL 30-06 and it's stamped LO 90 the serial number starts with "A" what year is it ?According to the "Blue Book of Gun Values", the coding continues as follows: Month Codes: [first letter] B - L - A - C - K - P - O - W - D - E - R - X 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 Year:______Code: [second (and third*) letters] 1930_______ Y 1931_______ Z 1932_______ A 1933_______ B 1934_______ C 1935_______ D 1936_______ E 1937_______ F 1938_______ G 1939_______ H 1940_______ J 1941_______ K 1942_______ L 1943_______ MMZ 1944_______ NN 1945_______ PP 1946_______ RR 1947_______ SS 1948_______ TT 1949_______ UU 1950_______ WW 1951_______ XX 1952_______ YY 1953_______ ZZ 1954_______ A 1955_______ B 1956_______ C 1957_______ D 1958_______ E 1959_______ F 1960_______ G 1961_______ H 1962_______ J 1963_______ K 1964_______ L 1965_______ M 1966_______ N 1967_______ P 1968_______ R 1969_______ S 1970_______ T 1971_______ U 1972_______ W 1973_______ X 1974_______ Y 1975_______ Z 1976_______ I 1977_______ O 1978_______ Q 1979_______ V 1980_______ A 1981_______ B 1982_______ C 1983_______ D 1984_______ E 1985_______ F 1986_______ G 1987_______ H 1988_______ I 1989_______ J 1990_______ K 1991_______ L 1992_______ M 1993_______ N 1994_______ O 1995_______ P 1996_______ Q 1997_______ R 1998_______ S 1999_______ T 2000_______ U 2001_______ W 2002_______ X * the years 1943 though 1953 had double letters: ie, MM = 1943 As maybe seen, the year code letters duplicate; some knowledge of when the model was introduced should resolve the actual year of manufacture. the problem is, the "O" in the "LO" stamp, can mean either 1977 or 1994 the gun has enough wear on it to look like 1 1977 gun, but how can one be sure of DATE ?

I think it was manufactured around 1967, but any expert imput would be great. bigger=cheaper al edited (see below) op meant numbers were larger in size. I have the Remington hard back book, but it doesn't have the current barrel dates in it. I have looked at the remington society page and can not figure out for sure what year my Remington 700 BDL was made. Barrel numbers tell the year, not the serial number. Ok with knowing that they didnt have letters in front of the serial numbers pre 1975 narrows it down, that is the kind of knowledge that I was looking for.( I saw you post this, and thought you might know.) Serial number is 190---. Remington Owners, Remington Year of Manufacture Codes maybe found on the barrel of your Remington rifle [or shotgun] on the left side, just forward of the receiver; the first letter of the Code is the month of manufacture, followed by one or two letters which are the year of manufacture.

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Everything I find on the web says 1921 and later and the barrel code on the left side ( 3 ltrs) doesn't work on the sites I find. For shotguns with removeable barrels, the code will be valid for the manufacture of the barrel; maybe for the receiver, as barrels do get switched around. OK, for those of you who get tired of the same old "BLACKPOWDERX" answer....

I recently will turn 40 and for a birthday present my dad surprised me with a nice rifle.

I have not bought a new Remington 700 for years. Barrel numbers tell the year, not the serial number. I have the Remington hard back book.… continue reading »

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Dating a remington nylon 66Iola, wi 54990-0001. How does the serial number help? the year code letters f, g, h and j were used both before and after serial numbers.… continue reading »

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