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26-Oct-2018 12:52

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Marian Keyes is an amazing writer and the Walsh family novels are truly funny (Helen is a pisser, for want of a better word).You’ll laugh, cry and never see the plot twist coming. My daughter’s getting married today even if it isn’t in a church and one of you five bitches has stolen my Multiple Orgasm. “I’m making a tropical punch.” “What a stunning idea,” I say.

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Mainly because I’m part way through by Nick Hornby and it’s fast becoming one of my favourites, and because I’m a bit of a blog post sheep (baaa).Swiper beware: Tinder’s recent dating study reveals biased conclusions and ignores our humanity.“Percentage of daters who have had more than one committed relationship as an adult: 49% offline vs.74% online.” That’s one of the statistics from the new study that Tinder just put out (pun intended) abut online versus offline daters.

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I want to give you all an update on my celibacy journey.This is the year that I make wiser choices when it comes to dating. I want to start off this year taking my time with dating. I do not want to keep rehashing past hurts, bitterness and anger.For now I want to remain single until I am healed from past hurts. The next time I am ready to date, I want to have a better sense on who I want to connect with, not choose anyone because I am feeling lonely and I do not want to lower my standards.I will be honest and say that the celibacy journey is not an easy journey. But since this is a new year, I want a fresh start.