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There had been a monastic settlement at Scartbawn under the patronage of the Mac Carthy (Teig Rua Sept) who had a castle in the area at Scart on the present Bantry Cork road. Another cross of this type is in Cape Clear and may denote an old monastic settlement.This trade route was one of the main roadways which connected Rome with Byzantium and as times flourished Durres did as well.A result is Durres being home to the largest Roman amphitheater in the Balkans. May be Captain O’Sullivan 1824 referred to by Alexander Nimmo as nly Magistrate in areas successor to O’Sullivan Beare holding large areas under Lord Bantry and Hedges Eyre. On the west side is Brahalish Fort and the east Cummer Fort. Burial ground for children, horizontal mill stone with a rindbar near the farmhouse of David Shannon on the eastern side, ringforts. Lands including Half Ploughland Ballycomane, Durrus formerly Property of Donal Mc Carthy, Cloghane, Caheagh, Later Attained for Treason. Witnesseth that whereas said Charles Mc Cormucke and Donogho Mc Cormucke, by deed dated this day haue granted to Walter Coppinger, his heirs &c., not only the manor and castel of Cloghane, with three plowlands of demesne lands in Carbry, Co Corke, and the half plowland of Ballycomane in Carbry afs’d, but all their right, &c., in the lands, &c., of Donyll Mc Cormucke Mc Cartye, late of Cloghane and late attainted of high treason, &c. The Court does not seem to have given effect to the alleged deed of defeazance, for it ordered that “notwithstanding any previous order or orders to the contrary Sir Walter Coppinger should hold and enjoy all and singular the Castle and 3 plowlands of Cloghane, situate in the Barony of Carbery and Co. These lands became vested in the said John Vickery’s three sons namely William, George and John Vickery and they afterwards agreed to divide the lands.1926, James Sullivan, (Descendant of Michael Sulivan reputed descendant of O’Sullivn Beren adn Mary Vickery of Whiddy m 1783) Clonee, sold having bought Moskeigh House, October, Mrs Vickery, Ballycomane (moved to French Furze, Carrigaline) 125 a bought by Deanes (their Crottees property now owned by Carmel Deasy) .16th Regiment of Foot assisted female emigration australia ballyclough bantry bay caithness legion cavan regiment of militia cheshire fencibles coppinger's court inbhear na mbearc Irish words in use 1930s lord lansdowne's regiment mallow melbourne ned kelly new brunswick O' Dalys Bardic Family. Father of Herbert Baldwin O’Sullivan, JP 1863, Clonilla House, Macroom. The dispute was referred to Donnell O’Donovane als Donovane of Rathin in the County of Cork, gent., Florence Mc Cartye of Brahelis, in the said County, gent., Henry Gauld of the City of Cork, Alderman, and John Burgate of Fanstowne in the County of Limerick, gent. Brahalish (784 acres) (Irish: Breach Lios, meaning ‘spotted fort’) or Braichlis (place of malt or fermented grain). Corke, gent., and sons to Sir Cormucke Mc Teige, late of Blaerny, Knt., dec. In these proceedings Mc Cartye’s son alleges that the deed was “upon confidence and trust upon condition comprised in a defeazance signed, sealed, and delivered by the said Walter Coppinger bearinge equall date with the said deede of feoffment by which the said Walter Coppinger did by himselfe, his heirs and assigns, convenant and graunt to and with the said Charles Mc Cormacke and the said Donogh Mc Cormacke and euerie of them and the heirs and assigns of the said Charles Mc Cormacke and Donogh Mc Cormacke and eurie of them that if the said Charles Mc Cormacke and Donogh Mc Cormacke or one of them or the heirs or assigns of them or one of them did well and truely content, satisfie, and pay or cause to be contented, satisfied, and paid to the said Walter Coppinger, his heirs or assigns at the dwelling house of John Coppinger fitz John within the Citti of Courke,” the amount advanced the premises should be reconveyed. Cork demised by George Vickery now of Knockane, Co. Recites deed 2nd August 1790 whereby Lord Carbery demises to John Vickery then of Ballycomane since deceased part of lands of Ballycomane called the middle division as then in his possession.Future planning for Durres has pointed towards Greek and Italian beach culture and quality.

Dyrrhachion was a vital Roman port of The Egnatian Way (Via Egnatia).

Historical highlights of Durres are its involvement during the Roman period, 5th century BCE.

Durres, or Epidamnos at that time, became a port during the Peloponnesian War.

Modern Durres, or Durresi, is much different than its past.

It shortly acquired capital notoriety, after independence in 1912, but then lost it to Tirana, is a modern, thriving port city with developed boulevards, soft sand beaches for tourism, and calm, warm Adriatic waters.

Inside the adjoining graveyard is an incised cross dating from the early Christian period. 1933, while ploughing their farm near the creamery and then placed in the Church grounds.

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