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This has the benefit of providing ease of access to the inside while providing a strong top.

Fender stopped using the twill covering in 1960, though the Champ was still covered in twill until 1964.

The twill was first used in 1946 on the Dual Professional a twin 10" 6L6 powered model of which only 400 were made before being renamed "the Super Amp" in 1948.

These early models are commonly referred to as "TV-Fronts" due to the shape of the cabinet when viewed from above.

This period marked the beginning of Fender's use of Tolex to cover amp cabinets.

Most of the brownface amps featured a "wheat" grillcloth.

The first kind used was an off-white fabric, followed by a horizontal-stripe two-tone pattern, and finally a two-tone twill.

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Beginning in mid to late 1961, Fender introduced another color combination: a smoother but still light brown tolex with a dark maroon or "oxblood" grillcloth.While the majority of the piggybacks were produced in blonde tolex, there are a few examples of the brown tolex Bassman amplifiers.The Brownface series was introduced in 1959 and discontinued in 1963.The shift from the tweed design to tolex occurred in limited production in 1960.

The tolex on the earliest versions in this era was pinkish brown and rough textured.

Two different colors of grillclothes were featured on the blondes, oxblood and wheat.