Dating in the 2016

22-Mar-2019 11:48

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The only ‘corporate’ blog on the list, Hey Saturday is a company that takes pictures for people’s online dating profiles.

With posts covering a variety of topics across the dating scene, Hey Saturday unsurprisingly focuses on online dating.

The blog then grew, she went on more dates and had more crappy experiences – and while not all dates were bad, the rubbish ones made the best content.

Naomi covers dating, sex and relationships and posts include topics as diverse as ‘phubbing’, things that happen in porn that never happen in real life and reviews of dating apps.

Now Natalie writes posts with the intention to inspire and empower people to raise their self-worth and break depleting habits – particularly around relationships.

Her self-help style blog also includes a weekly podcast, ‘The Baggage Reclaim Sessions’.

The Guyliner was created in 2010 by Justin Myers, a freelance writer and editor, originally intended to document and review all of the men he has dated (he lined up guys then dated them).

Another blogger who believes that bad dates are just good stories waiting to be told, Lauren’s Tumblr is full of personal experiences as well as shorter comment posts and memes.

Lauren also hosts the ‘Love Letters To My Dad’ podcast, in which she reads out letters she found that had been sent to her dad from various women between 19.

The urge to create Naomi Narrative came from an unbelievably crappy date.

To get full closure on the horrific event, Naomi Lewis put pen to paper and started her blog.

His blog now contains excerpts from his freelance work for GQ, the legendary Guardian Blind Date column called ‘Table Manners?

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