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This represents one of the few events that combine elements that could be described as pro nudity and pro cycling (as well as environmental).

Many of the political rides have their roots from Critical Mass and are often described or categorized as a form of political protest, street theatre, party-on-wheels, streaking, public nudity and clothing-optional recreation and thus attracts a wide range of participants.

When the military arrived to remove the protestors, the women threatened the soldiers to naked curse them. A group of about 16 women bared their buttocks and stormed into the offices of the African National Congress (ANC) in Tshwane.

The women were protesting against the outcome of an ANC Tshwane branch general meeting.

The tactic has been used by other groups later in the century, especially after the 1960s.

Several groups and individuals have used nudity in anti-war demonstrations.