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When the Birmingham Assay Office was established in 1773, largely due to the representations of the great Midlands industrialist, Matthew Boulton, the mark of an anchor was adopted as the town mark.By tradition, it is said that Birmingham and Sheffield tossed for the marks derived from the sign of the Crown and Anchor tavern in London – where the promoters of the two new offices met.The Incorporation of Goldsmiths of the City of Edinburgh was thought to be in the 1490’s and the earliest surviving records date from 1525.The hallmarking of Irish silver began towards the middle of the 17th century.Download a feature article on the leopard from the Goldsmiths' Company Review 2014-2015.A non-compulsory element, the date letter changes annually on January 1st.

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All date punches are destroyed at the end of the year.These are marks that are struck to commemorate a special event, and are applied as the last mark in the hallmark sequence.The most recent mark was for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, as pictured.The first London silver hallmark to be used was the leopards head, in the year 1300.