Is shorty rossi dating

12-Jan-2019 19:54

He joined the neighborhood Blood gang while living there.Looking for a fresh start, Rossi turned to entertainment, soon learning he could earn good money as a little person in show business.He has also appeared on dozens of TV shows and has performed in theater for years.In 2000, Rossi founded a company, Shortywood Productions, to provide little people entertainers for all types of shows, private parties and corporate events, and to manage their careers.Some are escaping frigid winters, some are relocating for work, while others pick up and move 3000 miles for love.

Hercules’ best friend is Valentino, but he loves hanging out with either Domenico or Bebi, too.

His first job in the industry was at Universal Studios Hollywood, where he was "Alvin" for an Alvin and the Chipmunks stage show.