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18-Jan-2019 03:00

Kramer recalls having to explain “cocaine” to her young son at a time she wasn’t prepared to talk about that.The tabloid and magazine fare seen at a checkout on Tuesday featured such headlines as “If Your Boobs Could Talk” (the o’s in ‘Boobs’ were highlighted in gold); “Next Level Sex! And more about pregnancies, prenups and a “shocking sex scandal.”Then there’s 2016: The Biggest OMG Moments!

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To all of this, part of me just wants to say: "Grow a spine" or "No means no." I can guess that Kramer’s petition is met with plenty of eye-rolling out there. I definitely didn’t roll my eyes over another point she made: the uncomfortable conversations born from racy headlines delivered, again at child eye-level, in the magazines in the checkout lane.

By way of introduction, my name is Liz and I was born in 1932. Merrill nodded his head as she spoke, and when she was finished he offered, 'Your point is well taken, Miss Autry, but in this case we don't want experience we want amateur like freshness, and from the looks of you two you will do splendidly!!!

The system is so broken. My son was incarcerated in Florida for 8 years. He now faces 15 years of probation. When he recently was released, we assumed he would be.… continue reading »

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