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Most often, I go online for Masonic inspiration, education and ideas; however, sometimes I find infighting, which is a behavior unbecoming a Mason; or as Pike so poignantly wrote: “Wherever there is strife and hatred among the brethren, there is no Masonry; for Masonry is Peace, and Brotherly Love, and Concord” (Albert Pike, , 1871, p. When I see such behavior, I often feel compelled to leave that forum and never return to it. The fact that Thought continues to exist an instant, after it makes its appearance in the soul, proves it immortal: for there is nothing conceivable that can destroy it. Sometimes It Is Better Not To Respond At All: Sometimes I don’t respond at all.In fact, because some sites are so poorly monitored, and it happens so often, and is so harsh, I simply leave (un-join) the group, and never return to it; and I have done so on numerous occasions. It’s simple, because I believe Masonry is a personal journey of discovery, and not a debate club, or as Pike wrote about interpreting Masonic legends and its history: “WHETHER the legend and history , 1871, p. You see, if Pike was asked a question today about online debating of Masonic history and its legends, I believe he would say the same thing he said in 1871, that, “we should not now debate;” rather, he would tell us that we must find out for ourself what something means. Think Before Responding, Because There Is Power In Your Thoughts And Words; So Use Them Wisely: In the past, I let my emotions get the best of me, and I responded too quickly, which led me to writing something I regretted a few days later. I make upon a paper certain conventional marks, that represent that Thought. The spoken words, being mere sounds, may vanish into thin air, and the written ones, mere marks, , who is the immaterial soul of the Universe, and whose THOUGHT, embodied or not embodied in His WORD, is an Infinite Power, of Creation and production, destruction and preservation, quite as comprehensible as the existence of a Soul, , 1871, p. I do this because I felt the question or comment was only used to lead me into a debate; something I hate doing, because I personally believe such behavior may tarnish my soul. Don’t Invite Others Into A Discussion Only To Gang Up On Another Mason: I have seen this unbecoming behavior several times on Facebook.Basically, what they are saying is, like a naive high school freshman, “our team is better than your team,” which is another ingenuous behavior.Furthermore, Pike also wrote about our own ignorance when it comes to God’s plan for humanity; this includes Mason and none-Mason alike, and all the different non-affiliated orders of the broader craft: “All errors are not equally innocuous.if we can conceive of a loftier, nobler, higher, more beneficent, glorious, and magnificent character, then this latter is to us the true conception of Deity; for nothing can be imagined more excellent than He, 1871, p. Ever wonder why this world has so many different religions?It’s simple, as Pike wrote above, “because one man cannot communicate to another his own conception of Deity.” Is it any wonder than why we also have so many different orders within the broader craft.Interestingly, quite often I have found many people from different and unaffiliated orders more knowledgeable about Masonic esoteric history, doctrine and behavior than the common Master Mason of traditional Blue Lodge Masonry, who so often love to attack others based only on the limited knowledge he gained from exclusive Blue Lodge instruction.

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Don’t empower these Masons by either praising them, liking their comments, or making a comment in support of, or against, their statement; for some people love to be attacked, and attack others who disagree with their position; it empowers them.Yes, let us strive to be more like God; but always remember that God loves all his children, not just the Masons of your order (rite). Pike wrote about the Masons “who are invested with the power of judgment,” should “in deducing the motive” of another person “not assign to the act either the best or the worst motives,” rather, they should be “just and fair:” “Those who are invested with the power of judgment should judge the causes of all persons uprightly and impartially, , 1871, p. Masonry is a big umbrella, with a lot of people from differing backgrounds.As such, we will not all agree on everything, nor should we; especially given the fact that Masonry was designed as an individual adventure.On several occasions, I have witnessed a negative statement made by a Mason go unchallenged, with no likes or comments, which told me that others did not enjoy what had been written online.

I personally think this is the best way of stating your displeasure online.

I am often puzzled by the Mason who travels the internet looking for weaker prey, or who is looking to pick an online fight with another Mason.

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