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ERIC/REC also covers interdisciplinary areas, such as media studies, reading and writing technology, mass communication, language arts, critical thinking, literature, and many aspects of literacy. Points of view or opinions, however, do not necessarily represent the official view or opinions of the Office of Educational Research and Improvement. When The Online Classroom is turned into an online course for delivery over the World Wide Web, K-12 teachers every- where will be able to take part in a Cotton seminar on how to teach using the Internet. What is this thing called the Internet^ 1 Sick ’em, Browser! I tried lots of sites and decided that this Internet stuff was a lot of fun and held great promise for my students, but then I ran out of time again.This publication was prepared with partial funding from the Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Cotton, Eileen Giuffr^, 1947- The online classroom : teaching with the internet / by Eileen Giuffr^ Cotton, p. 6 Table of Contents The On-line Classroom Matrix of Contents x ERIC/REC Advisory Board xi Part I: Get it? or how to use this book Browser barks a disclaimer Teachers and students up an on-ramp to the information superhighway Techie talk Censorship? Teachers and kids in the ether together In your classroom: Keypals on the Internet Chapter 3. Then came winter break, so I spent 3,000 minutes on the Net, exploring, learning, crashing into virtual walls, surviving the crashes, and.Very likely, you will be on your way to the reinvention of your entire approach to teaching and learning, and — without doubt — your students will be on their way to the rest of their lives as travelers on the information superhighway.The lessons are K-12 adaptable You will notice that I have not stated exact grade levels for the lessons.Debüt Ergebnisse Auch Termine Bronze Schottland Schlusstag Sprint Präsident Euromeeting Kolumbien World Games Orientierungsläufer Cali Mitteldistanz Medaillenregen Staffel News Athletinnen Wittmann Verband öfol Sekretariat Forum Gelände Landesverbände Trainings Sommer Links Ergebnisarchiv Kadan Künftige Orientierunglauf Kommissionen Terminen Anna Ranglisten Athleten Socup Lmw Bgld Wettkämpfe Nö Tyrol Stmk Folgende Simkovics Worldgames Test Qualifikation Teil Ergebnissen Ski Fachverband Kurse Nationale Bso Wolv Orientierungslauf Archiv Ol Leistungssport Lesen Sie Kategorie Wasistol Kerschbaumer Fotos Nilsson Comité Olympische Freitag Schulsport Feed Routegadget Sonstige Termineergebnisse Austria Gernot Ursula Orienteering Rss Bühnelesen Regelwerk Formulare International Olerinnen Bewerbe Presse Hungaria Erstmalig Sommercup Aktuelle Orientierung Merl Ultra Gratuliert Steir Mannschaft Ingenio Vorgeschmack Unseren Impressum Gold Vereine Läufer Undathleten August Surpriseer Robert Karten Mitteldistanzund Schulcup Spieleâ Ausdemverband Ausbildung Park Spannung Sportartenqualifiziertlesen Fun Cup Bewerb Leistungen Aufwärmkarte Youth Funktionäre Online Für Moraylesen Calikolumbien Partner Unsere Nach Festival Fotoarchiv Was Wien Mountainbike Medaillen Kontakt Team Programmlesen Verfolgen Aug Calis Die ÖFOL Österreichischer Fachverband für Orientierungslauf ffnungszeiten Hatzenbach knnen zu Feiertagen wie Karneval, Valentinstag, Ostern (Karfreitag Ostersonntag Ostermontag), Tag der Arbeit und Himmelfahrt abweichen.

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Vc ix ix ix ix ix ix ix Vc Vc * Vc Vc ix ix Vc Vc Vc ix Vc Vc * Vc Vc ix ix ix ix ix ix Vc Vc * Vc ix ix ix * Reproductions supplied by EDRS are the best that can be made * from the original document* * Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc * Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc * Vc * Vc Vc * Vc Vc * Vc Vc Vc * Vc Vc Vc Vc o msisttaa ED 391 193 Q. 3c^ The Online Classroom Teaching with the Internet by Eileen Giuffre Cotton Published 1996 by ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading, English, and Communication Carl B, Smith, Director 2805 East 10th Street, Suite 150 Bloomington, Indiana 47408-2698 and EDINFO Press RO. About the Authcr Eileen Giuffre Cotton is a world wide teacher. It was fun, but then I like to push buttons and play with gadgets and toys, so connecting up to AOL was a logical extension of a natural bent.

All the lessons in this book are lessons you can take right into your classroom and put into action at your next class meeting. In each section I talk about programs and compo- nents of the Internet, following this with suggestions for lesson with the Internet, stating clearly the goals, rationales, objectives, procedures, and evaluation guidelines.

All the sites and their addresses have been tested. or how to use this book Browser is a noble beast who consistently wins First Prize in his “best of breed” shows. Because I am a teacher writing for other teachers, 1 do not start this book with the history and technical details of each navigation program (navprog) available; rather, I start out by telling you about the easiest things to do with the Net in your class, and then we go on from there.

A book an hour 83 In your classroom: An online book an hour In your classroom: Electronic Comp. VI 8 On-Line Table of Contents (continued) Classroom Whole books on the Internet FTP sources for online books Chapter 9. 89 Telnetting Archie A telnet date witi: CARL Telnet for K-12 Telnet to ERIC The World Classroom Network In your classroom: World Classroom Netwoik conferencing Telnet resources Chapter 10. The ABCs Ill The ABC Book of Canada How to visit Canada via the Internet An Internet ABe Cedarium of Canada Chapter 12. Kid reporters do the news Internet news resources American politics and more s vii The On-Une Classroom Table of Contents (continued) Sources of-international news on the Net Sports news on the Net National weather service forecasts Chapter 14. 139 In your classroom: Job hunting with a safety Net How to find resumes oh the Web Net hel3 with resume-writing Chapter 15. to The On-Une Classroom Table of Contents (continued) Chapter 18. The Net — I love it, and so will your students, and so — I hope — will you.

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Searching 103 Many ways to hunt In your classroom: Scavenger hunt Anticipation Guide Cheat sheet Part II: Go with it? A whale of a time 121 In your classroom: Sea Zoo A full Net Websites that enhance ecological awareness Teaching resources for teachers, learning resources for students Pick your critter! Look who’s talking 143 Language and society on the Internet In your classroom: Communicating with the world l Adelante a Mexico! HTML and YOU 175 In your classroom: How to build your own home page Technical production of your home page How to do HTML HTML basics HTML code is easy Six sizes of type in HTML How to get a free HTML generator Reveal source How to publish your own home page Bibliography 189 Some Commercial Online Services in the U. and Canada 192 Index 195 ix 11 Hie On-Line Cbssroom Matrix of Contents CHAPTER K 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1. I am not a computer expert, guru, techie, nor any of the other not always polite names that people call the wonderful folks who can help you gain access to this amazing world of near-total knowledge at your fingertips.

Welcome to the wide world of information on the World Wide Web! Netscaping 27 Fairly detailed discussion of Netscape Techie talk Let’s go Netscaping! Surfin’ the megapage Mega Resources for K-12 teachers across the curriculum General resources Governmental Department-of-Education sites And now, a word from our sponsor 7 V JL The On*Une Classroom Table of Contents (continued) Science resources Literature/language-arts resources Resources for interactive projects Culture and language resources History and social-science resources School sites In your classroom: How to teach, using the Internet Chapter 5. becoming convinced that this was not only a place to learn and have a good time but also it was a way to tune-in and turn-on my students.

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