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Many of us tell our hairdresser things we wouldn't tell anyone else, not our closest friends; sometimes not even our therapist, if we have one.

Over the course of time, while I was doing her colour, we got really close.You need to learn about boundaries too." And, of course, not everyone gets that."A long time ago, I had a lovely lady who came to me for years," recalls Nigel.As a teenager, I was a trendsetter with my look, and when I graduated to bleaching my own hair, I was never short of female attention. My father encouraged me, saying that if I could make a living out a hobby, I would never work a day for the rest of my life." Nigel started training in Peter Mark in Kilkenny, then spent a few years in Dublin with the same company, and his work now brings him in "lots of directions". We can change people's perception of you, which is crucial for building relationships, creating employment, and most of all creating happiness and peace of mind." Describe the customer-stylist relationship? "We depend on the salon guests as much as they depend on us.

"My main base is my salon, Hair by Nigel in Kilkenny," he says, "which I am proud to say has picked up many awards and accolades." What does he love about it? We will laugh together, cry together, speak about almost anything - sports, kids, love life, church, boob jobs - but there is a line that you can't cross.

I was giving her numbers of places she could call, and she actually left him.