Unwritten dating rules

18-Feb-2019 14:03

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If you use a text message, either be honest about how you feel or wait until you have time to confront him in person. Meaning we say things in a text message that we wouldn’t dare say in a conversation expecting that it is either acceptable *which it isn’t*, or that it is going to grant us our desired effect, which it isn’t.

Either way he answers, you aren’t going to be satisfied, and it only ends up in a guaranteed fight. If you wouldn’t say it point blank, don’t put it into words in a text. Don’t send him pictures of your private areas unless he asks for them.

[Read: 10 really annoying girlfriend habits guys just hate] #11 Don’t sound jealous.

If you sound jealous in a text message, that is never good. Guys don’t want to sit around and read about how the red boots you had on didn’t go with the red skirt.

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Stick to these basic thirteen rules so they won’t go radio silent again The biggest problem with a text message or email is that it is not always read the way you mean.

It may be cute in certain circumstances, but extremely embarrassing if he opens it while out with his parents or his boss.

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