Updating database using dataadapter

07-Jun-2019 12:23

The way the architecture works with the Data Adapter is that you can make any changes you want to the filled Data Set, and it won't affect the database until you call the Update method.When Update is called, the Data Adapter will attempt to execute each query (UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE) on every row of the Data Set that has been updated, inserted, and deleted.

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To save data to the data source, you need to call the Data Adapter's Update method.

Note: The Tables member of Data Set represents all Data Table objects attached to a Data Set. Adding a Data Row to a Data Table In this example, I'll show you how to add edit, and remove, data from the Northwind database.

Jun 20, 2015. It uses SqlDataAdapter to update the table in database from the DataTable using stored procedure. If we write a query in SelectCommand of SqlDataAdapter, it automatically generates the required InsertCommand, UpdateCommand and DeleteCommand in a simple scenario to update the database but if.… continue reading »

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Calls the respective INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statements for each inserted, updated, or deleted row in the specified DataSet from a DataTable named. For more information, see Updating Data Sources with DataAdapters. The Update then refreshes the row using the value of the UpdatedRowSource property.… continue reading »

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