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” “I do not want to hear a word for the rest of the round.” Apparently his demand worked because I was speechless. I think the last person who told me to shut up was by my brother when I was about 10 years old and pestering him to change the channel from Star Trek to The Big Valley. Right now I am thinking about having you pull over at the next exit and I will call a cab. Wonderful and I began to wonder if I had overreacted. ” “Kim, I want to spend ten thousand dollars.” I had no plans to spend ten thousand dollars. “I mean that we had agreed on what we were going to do for Christmas gifts. “Seventy two forty nine,” he stated as if that covered his portion of the cost of the mountain of presents overflowing from underneath the Christmas tree. What do you think dolls and Legos and sweaters and Barbies and boots and Nintendo games cost? My response, “Get out.” He begged to stay, I said ‘no way’. Fourth, even if the shoe ‘fits’ it does not mean that it is comfortable. Perhaps ‘get them young and teach them right’ makes sense. ” “No, never” Why is this incredibly gorgeous man unmarried? “My favorite musical group is Mercy Me.” I can only imagine what most men would think about that. In fact, if I make that statement the man might as well move right on to the next table. To add to my not knowing what to talk about dilemma, after I had already committed the funds to attend the speed dating event, my doctor scheduled a procedure for the following day. Not only do I have to fast all day but I have to drink 32 ounces of Gatorade with special powder that makes things move. A little less conversation, a little more action please!

We were only on the 4 hole when the ‘shut up’ happened so by the time we putted out on 18, I was ready to putt out of his life. Right now I am counting the minutes until you drop me off in my driveway. ” “You have to admit that you do talk a lot, I had just hit a ball into the woods, you out drove me on the hole, I just did not want to talk for a while.” Within a few minutes we exited and walked into a beautiful restaurant where Slick returned to Dr. All this time, little clues here and there, red flags that I ignored, curt words that I forgave, months of my life given to this relationship with this man and now he asks how much he has to pay me to shut me up? He might say he is ‘wise with money’ but the truth is he is just plain old ‘cheap’. Anyone who tells me to ‘shut up’ is no longer good looking in my eyes. Through my bi-lingual friend I found out that the police officer (yes! After a little bit of unnoticeable blushing due to sunburn I decided to strike up a conversation via interpreter. Finally gaining composure, I asked, “Are you married? I really need to rehearse a list of intelligent, well formed sentences to say to a man. We all know the problems that has caused in the past. I might as well say that I am damaged, scarred and needy. Men who do the same work are immediately sexier (Brad Pitt, shaven). Even Jazz, but Contemporary Christian would not be understood. “I love reality television.” Opps, that is not going to fly. Even though my favorites are ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’, ‘Little People, Big World’, and ‘Top Chef’, I am not a teenager so therefore should not chomp on gum, drink M. 20/20, wear skirts that I cannot bend over in, or watch reality t.v. I wonder if there are bathroom breaks between the six minute sessions. A., as in ‘young man, there’s a place you can go’, the place where I took swimming lessons as a child, my dad’s home away from home when sales didn’t allow a splurge on a Holiday Inn, and a place where the vending machines sold Coke in glass bottles.

In between giggling fits I heard phrases like, “Good luck with that one! Or is he just a figment of my inexperienced imagination? At first glance he was not a bad looking guy but he became better looking when I found out that he was single, childless and wealthy. We got to his second drive which was short of my first. His next gift was a pair of beautiful glasses made specifically for the kind of wine that he most enjoyed. “I have purchased glasses at this place for other people but I would never drink from them myself,” he quipped. “I would never use this,” he said as he tossed it aside.

” and “Sorry but George Clooney has a girl friend”. I held little hope that I would ever meet this picture of a perfect man. ‘Wow,’ I thought, ‘Cupid must really love me.’ I met Slick over the phone. He hit a nice 3 wood off the fairway and landed just short of the green.

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I could spend what I want on gifts without having to worry about being ‘fair’. We spent time playing cards with the kids and Candy Land with the grandkids. Next he began to open the gifts that I purchased for him. “Slick, we talked about this three different times. Quoting lines like ‘what chu talkin’ bout Willis’, ‘Luke, I am your fatha’, or ‘Sclemeel, schlemazel, hasenfeffer incorporated’ would probably sound like gibberish to him. In thanking them for the libations, a conversation ensued. I got a couple of emails from a guy (two years older than I am) asking me out to coffee. The first trimester is typically the toughest when carrying a little one so I am hoping second trimester dating is better. Six months previous he shared a birthday party with a girl from his home town and now they share a four year old son. Periodically my cell phone would make that now all too familiar beep-beep, signaling the receipt of a new text message. Sonny, you need to go find some cute young chickie to reproduce your handsome self with. I guess if Journey, Boston and Kansas ever came up in conversation a younger man might think that I am talking about a trip rather than some of the greatest bands of all time. When I looked up at the delivering bartender he pointed over to two young studs sitting nearby who both gave a little wave of affirmation. Morning sickness and cankles would be a welcome diversion from the men and boys. ’ ‘Yes, I am sure.’ ‘Well mister, then why are you hiding your left hand in your pants pocket? Placing an order at the Mc Donald’s drive thru can be torturous with a small child; so many choices. While I was preparing for worldwide mayhem due to computer caused power outages, he was drinking some mixed concoction out of a bathtub with his high school football team. With more hardware on his face than in Menard’s kitchen department, the tattooed twenty three year old told me about the phone call he received during his first semester of junior college. There we were, three single ‘ladies’, be-bopping our heads to a higher pitched version of Beyonce’s hit. I spent the next few hours working on the computer. School programs, t-ball games, college funds, vacations, weddings are all much simpler with only one set of kids. Since I married for love the first time, marrying for money seems natural. Of course I have to be attracted to him so number four had to be handsome. He enjoyed taking the little ones to the pool at the YMCA, the play center at the mall and fun movies complete with candy and popcorn. He asked if I did the shopping and he supplied the money if I would put both of our names on the gifts for my family. I shopped and shopped wanting to get the perfect gifts for Dr. I found just the right golf scope since he often complained about a lack of yardage markers on every course we played.

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