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1857 11th January: THOMAS and ESTHER’s fifth son WALTER WRIGHT, is christened in the church of St John the Baptist, Hillingdon. In the same household are Mary’s children, Elizabeth and George. 1863 2nd December: ROBERT WRIGHT, born in 1777, dies at Colham Green, Hillingdon. Philip Lane opened onto London Wall, opposite the churchyard of St Alphage. The cause of death is ‘Senile decay, Bronchitis’ certified by H. ARTHUR and EDITH WRIGHT are now living at 159 Nelson Road, Hornsey (Stoke Newington).

1859 20th February: HANNAH WRIGHT is christened in the church of St John the Baptist, Hillingdon. He is 87 years old, and the cause of death given as ‘natural decay’. Present at his death is near neighbour Elizabeth Fisher, who signs the register when reporting his death on 4th December, 1863. In their household are: THOMAS (b.1844) aged 27, CHARLES (b.1850) aged 21, WALTER (b.1857) aged 14, HANNAH (b.1859) aged 12, and ARTHUR (b.1861) aged 10. * * * June 15th: THOMAS FREDERICK WRIGHT is born, a younger brother for EDITH MAVIS and ARTHUR STEPHENSON WRIGHT. His father registers the birth on the 23rd July, with James (Jas) G. 22nd August: THOMAS FREDERICK WRIGHT is baptised by the Rev. ARTHUR is now 40, a ‘Wholesale Clothier’ – and an employer, part of his brother’s business FREDERICK WRIGHT & Co., Shirt Manufacturers.

1828 11th October: MARY WRIGHT (b.1809) daughter of Robert and Mary, marries HENRY BAYLIS (b.1800) in the parish church of Hanwell, Middlesex. 1837 7th May: Burial of ESTHER’s father, GEORGE WEATHERLY in the churchyard of St John the Baptist, Hillingdon. They are married in St Mary’s, the Parish Church, Hayes, Middlesex, by the Rev. 21st December: Ann Broadway makes her mark and registers MARY WRIGHT’s death with the Registrar, Francis Stockwell. The registrar is a Mr Francis Stockwell.) 24th March: The christening of ARTHUR WRIGHT in the church of St John the Baptist, Hillingdon. The two boys are: THOMAS, now aged 17 (b.1844), and ROBERT, now aged 13 (b.1848). In the household are the children: THOMAS (b.1844) aged 17, ROBERT (b.1848) aged 13, CHARLES (b.1850) aged 11, ESTHER (b.1852) aged 9, FREDERICK (b.1854) aged 7, WALTER (b.1857) aged 5, HANNAH (b.1859) aged 3, ARTHUR (b.1861), who is aged 2 months (see details above). In the register, the child’s father is now, as above, a ‘Manufacturing Clothier’.

23rd December: MARY WRIGHT is buried in Hillingdon. 1854 8th October: FREDERICK WRIGHT, another son for THOMAS and ESTHER, is christened in the church of St John the Baptist, Hillingdon. ROBERT WRIGHT, now 84, and ‘a retired farmer’, is living in the household of MARY BAYLIS – his daughter, born c.1809. Robert Wright’s birthplace is recorded as ‘Chalfont, Buckinghamshire’. umbrella materials No.11 Aldermanbury Avenue was the sixth on the left, if going towards Philip Lane from Aldermanbury. 1900 4th May: ESTHER WRIGHT (b.1820) dies in Middlesex County Asylum, Wandsworth. She is 79 years of age, and her occupation: March, 1901.

ESTHER WRIGHT is listed as a ‘Lunatic’ at Middlesex County Asylum. On admission, her malady is described as ‘Mania, chronic. It contains fourteen houses, seven on each side of the avenue, which is seventy yards in length and twenty-five feet in width. 1914 28th July: THE FIRST WORLD WAR BEGINS – exactly a month after Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria’s assassination in Sarajevo. 14th December: MARJORIE ISABEL JOAN WRIGHT (known always as Joan Wright) is born.

1885 15th September: FREDERICK WRIGHT and his wife EMILY LOUISA celebrate the birth of a boy. May is – like the bride and groom – in the rag trade. Born in Mile End in 1864, Harriet Rebecca Dodson May remains a spinster throughout her life, dying in 1944.) 1887 MIDDLESEX STOKE NEWINGTON 8th June: ARTHUR STEPHENSON WRIGHT is born at 144 Winston Road. It first appears in the rate books in 1881, when the total assessment was £1,857. She is the only child of ARTHUR STEPHENSON WRIGHT and ISABEL ADA WRIGHT (nee GISBORNE.) 1916 THOMAS FREDERICK WRIGHT enlists in the army.

FREDERICK, who registers the birth on the 4th October, is listed as a ‘Commercial Traveller’. Robinson, officiates, and the wedding is witnessed by the bride’s father, Marmaduke Stephenson Hebb, her sister Ellen Mary Hebb, Walter Wright, the groom’s brother, and Harriet R. On the South Side were to be found: 1a Farmer & Co. In January, THOMAS FREDERICK WRIGHT is sent to France. A.10 in the Fifteen Ravine British Cemetery, Villers-Plouich, France. * * * THE GISBORNES and THE PACKERS Watercolour painted by Augustus Oakley Deacon (1819 – 1900) " data-medium-file="https://franciswright.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/wardwick-1850.jpg?His wife is 50, and hails from Mildenhall in Suffolk. (At some stage before 1911, the Wrights move to 46, Crouch Hall Road, Crouch End.) WALTER WRIGHT is 46 and ‘a cotton goods agent’. He is ‘a clothing manufacturer’ His wife, EDITH is 46.Also in the same house are Charles Perry, 23, a plumber, His wife Sarah, 27, and infant son Charles; John Meadows, 29, a cook, his wife Frances, 27, a waistcoat maker, and their son John, aged six – a scholar. 11, Aldermanbury Avenue, London EC2 The family firm, which made shirts for the wholesale trade, is mentioned for the first time in Kelly’s Directory for London. He is still unmarried and still living in lodgings, this time at 209 Isledon Road, Highbury, Islington, London. 1911 Census Records: The Census was taken on the night of Sunday, April 2nd, 1911. Their eldest son, ARTHUR STEPHENSON WRIGHT is 23, ‘a clothing agent’, his sister, EDITH MAVIS, ‘a spinster’, is 19, and his brother THOMAS FREDERICK, is a schoolboy, aged 13.The head of the household is Rosina Bailey, aged 45, the widow of Charles Richard Bailey, a hat maker. ARTHUR WRIGHT (b.1861) is described as “a commercial traveller”, aged 30, and his wife EDITH, (b.1864) aged 26, nowlive at 22 Lothair Road, Stoke Newington (Hornsey/Stroud Green). Her father registers the birth on the 24th February with the Registrar, James G. 24th April: EDITH MAVIS WRIGHT is baptised by the Reverend J. It was full of small factories and workshops, making mainly soft goods: clothing, accessories, umbrellas, and the like. ladies’ blouse manufacturers 13 Salkeld & Muir, lace merchants 13 Blichtold & Co. The wedding is witnessed by Isabel’s parents, Henry Beaumont Gisborne (a solicitor’s managing clerk) and Jessie (Janet) Weir Gisborne; Edith Wright (the groom’s mother, nee Hebb), and Arthur B. In the First World War he served as a Lance Corporal in the 14th London Regiment, and died in France on 14th October, 1915.

Her two children Catherine Elizabeth, 22, also a dressmaker, and Henry Samuel, 20, a clerk, are living with her. 1890 18th February: ESTHER WRIGHT is transferred to Surrey County Asylum, Wandsworth. THOMAS WRIGHT (b.1820) is with them, ‘living on his own means’. Sir John James Baddeley, Lord Mayor of London from 1921-22 described the area, thus: ALDERMANBURY AVENUE Running from Aldermanbury (forty-four yards from London Wall) to Philip Lane, this avenue was made in 1880, through property belonging to Sion College. Hogben, probably best man and a friend of the groom. announces that EDITH MAVIS WRIGHT is employed as a typist by the General Register Office (England).

The parish contains also the town and township of Uxbridge, the villages of Yiewsley and Colham, and the hamlets of Gould-Green, Peel-Hatch, Colham Green, Long Atter, and Hockley Hole; and a detached part of it is encompassed by Ickenham parish. Real property, £32, 230; of which £200 are in the canal, and £250 in gas works. Cedar House was the seat of Reynardson, the naturalist; and took its name from a cedar tree which, in 1779, measured from 12½ to nearly 16 feet in the girth of its stem, and from 89 to 96 feet in the diameter of its head. Robert and Mary’s other children have been baptised in the same church: JAMES (24th July, 1803); WILLIAM (2nd June, 1805); FRANCES (18th January, 1807); MARY (29th January, 1809); JOHN (11th March, 1811); ANN (18th December, 1812; buried 17th February, 1814, aged 15 months); SARAH (18th December, 1814); GEORGE (28th June, 1818); THOMAS (18th June, 1820); HARRIET (5th May, 1822). In the household are their son THOMAS (b.1820) aged 21, daughters SARAH (aged 25) and HARRIET (aged 19), and a small boy, GEORGE, aged 2. This part of Middlesex was mainly agricultural and market garden. MIDDLESEX COLHAM GREEN THOMAS WRIGHT is a ‘labourer’ aged 30, married to ESTHER. ROBERT & MARY WRIGHT are now – according to the census enumerator – 74 and 72, respectively. In their household are also EMMA WRIGHT (b.1836), a granddaughter, aged 15, who is a dressmaker, born in the parish of St.